The UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development (UK CEED) is an independent, not-for-profit foundation. It was established in 1984 by a group of far-sighted leaders from the business, government and scientific communities. Responding to the recommendations of the UN World Conservation Strategy, the Centre was originally set up to support, co-ordinate and monitor implementation of the Conservation and Development Programme for the UK.

Its particular remit was to provide an evidence base for demonstrating how environmental protection and economic development priorities could be reconciled and also for promoting the central role of the business sector in environmental improvement. It thus became an early advocate of what was to become known as sustainable development.

Today, UK CEED continues to enjoy an excellent reputation for its high quality work and unrivalled expertise in the environmental and economic fields. The Centre is widely respected for its foresight in identifying emerging policy issues and for its innovative and cross-disciplinary approach to research and policy development. It has an impressive track record of building partnerships between diverse organisations and is actively involved in demonstrating the benefits of good environmental practice.

The Centre's independence and integrity are widely respected. It works in partnership with a diverse range of organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors. It attracts financial support from the European Commission and national, regional and local government; from business; from environmental organisations; and from charitable trusts.