Today when the kingdom’s major market players are looking to strengthen their positions in a more competitive market place, Al-Bayan is one of a handful Saudi Company busy in developing strategic business-building solutions for its clients and integrating them across many spheres. A Company’s success depends upon more than sales & profit. Al-Bayan’s most valuable assets is not inscribed in our balance sheet, it is the team work & spirit of knowledgeable and talented people dedicated to excellence. The past few years has been both challenging and rewarding since the establishment of our company in 1980. We have broadened our enterprise from general advertising to become a major player in wide range of specialized services with a strong emphasis on new technologies. In recent years, Al-Bayan Group, being a dynamic company, has engaged in restructuring its organization structure, policies and strategies in order to meet the needs of new challenges as a result of the economical changes pre-empted by population growth. Al-Bayan is now one of the leading diversified, trading and contracting groups incorporating western know-how with the local business environment to meet the needs of our customers.

The origin of the Al-Bayan Group can be traced back to early seventies, when it was only a small business establishment with limited resources involved in obtaining and executing contracts for different Clients.

With the advent of the eighties, a complete transformation has effected in the organizational structure and strategy to meet the growing needs of the Saudi markets. Since then, the business evolved and diversified to include the acquisition, distribution, selling and merchandising of products, The product range has been variegated strategically and proportionally, not only to include Contracting, general Trading, Military supplies, Media, Electronics, Computer and Communication but also Medical products and Fast Consumable Items.

As testimony to continuing business successes and expansion carried out by dedicated employees, Al-Bayan has come to be rated among the most professionally integrated group of companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Bayan Group has maintained and enjoyed a reasonable financial position and excellent public relations with the Government and private sectors. It has adopted a long-term strategic approach to business which has resulted in conducting professional marketing activities and advertising campaigns aimed at improving the annual sales for all its business sectors.