Trucost helps organisations measure and manage the environmental impacts associated with their own operations, supply chains and investment portfolios.

Key to our approach is that we not only quantify environmental impacts, but we also put a price on them, helping organisations understand environmental risk in business terms. In this way, Trucost helps its customers manage financial risk from environmental issues such as climate change regulation and natural resource dependency, meet environmental reporting requirements, demonstrate robust environmental credentials and drive cost and efficiency improvements through their operations.

How Trucost can help
Over the last 10 years, Trucost has collected, standardised and validated the world's most comprehensive data on corporate environmental impacts, including carbon, water, waste, metals and chemicals. This provides Trucost's clients with:

* The most efficient approach to measuring carbon and wider environmental impacts across organisations, supply chains and investment portfolios
* Clear identification of focus areas for reducing material environmental impacts
* Validation of source data, including completion of gaps in data which are currently not being tracked or reported on
* Comparison of environmental performance against peers, sectors, investment benchmarks and portfolios
* The ability to transform quantitative environmental data into environmentally-oriented investment strategies

Direct footprints, supply chain footprints, investment footprints, environmental impact valuation.