Trinity Green Recruitment is the specialist recruitment arm of our consultancy. With offices in London and Hertfordshire, our expertise lies in placing professionals in the renewable energy, carbon, and environmental arena.

Our aim is to offer a niche recruitment and advisory package that reaches out globally to individuals and companies operating in these sectors.

Trinity Green Recruitment provides a personal yet professional response to each and every recruitment need ensuring that all parties involved experience an efficient, reliable and enjoyable service throughout the whole search and selection process.

Trinity Green Recruitment concentrates on positions that fall under the renewable energy, carbon and climate change arena. These include, but are not restricted to:

Renewable Energy

* Wind
* Solar
* Biomass
* Wave and Tidal
* Alternative fuels (inc. Biofuels)
* Hydropower
* Geothermal

Environmental technology and Services Industry
Pollution Control

* Water pollution control
* Air pollution control
* Waste treatment technologies and recycling
* Environmental consultancy
* Environmental monitoring and testing
* Contaminated Land Remediation
* Marine services

Carbon management industry
Carbon Footprint

* Energy Management (inc. Energy efficiency)
* Sustainable Building Technologies
* Carbon Finance (inc. Carbon trading)
* Energy Storage Technologies