Our company has been providing consultancy to companies in need of gasification and pyrolysis systems. Our company also seeks partnership to deploy the system in Brazil and a possible Joint Venture.
The plants gasification and pyrolysis may be small, medium or large, depending on customer need.
Residues are: plastics, tires, HDPE, wood, etc.
We are leaders in innovative technologies market. We work in Brazil, through our representatives.
Our company has a partnership with Germany slant of Aqualimpia Engineering e.K , working with biodigesters and UASB reactors to serve customers who need to target the organic waste.
The TMR MACHINERY AND digesters, for more than 15 years working in agriculture, has exclusivity in Brazil to market and make consulting in biogas plants of Aqualimpia Engineering eK
Our company seeks to expand the market, given the major demands of clients in the field of gasification and pyrolysis. The company is always seeking new technologies and upgrading of existing technologies, always looking to combine cost and benefit in the Brazilian market. Our corporate business also seeks partnerships with companies that want to enter the Brazilian market.