We are a global business intelligence and conference company. Part of the First Conferences Ltd group, it's our people that make us the market leader we are today. We are passionate about realising the potential of tidal energy to its fullest, and look to do so by building on the strengths we've developed over 19 years of business success.

Tidal Today aims to create a community of people whose sole focus is to unleash the true potential of tidal energy by addressing key challenges the industry faces and ensuring stakeholders harness the opportunities available.

Our vision is to provide original, pertinent and independent information to drive forward the industry through blogs, interactive debates, news articles, newsletters, social network ing and face-to-face interaction to maintain those all important contacts.

Tidal energy makes sense. Vast resources lie largely untapped. And in contrast with common criticisms of renewable tech – being unreliable and unsightly – tidal is predictable and mostly submerged.