Liquid Hydrogen, Fuel Cell & Electric Motor Powered Aviation Investment & Design Group

Gary Thomas
Thomas Design, LLC
4410 N 99th AVE
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phone: 1 (480) 528-1156


Formation of a Cooperative Development Team with companies and
individuals who are adept at Business Management, Venture Capitalization or Drafting.

New products will be Electric Motor, Fuel Cell and Refrigerated Liquid Hydrogen Powered Aviation .... for example:

* Telemetry Operated Search & Rescue Camera Drones

* Piloted " Long Range Liquid Hydrogen " Fuel Cell & Electric Motor Powered Ultralight Aircraft

* Multi - Hundred Horsepower 4-Rotor Cargo Helicopters

GR Thomas - Community Member # 1

1985 Graduate of Killeen High School * Killeen, Texas

Military Service Experience

US Air Force C141 and C5 Airlift Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
* McChord Air Force Base, Washington - Discharged from McChord Air Force Base, Washington, USA in March of 1989.