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Thermakote Limited

Thermakote insulating paint additive

Thermakote Thermalmix insulating paint additive is a revolutionary paint additive that makes almost any paint or coating insulate. Developed by our highly skilled research and development team, it cuts down energy use and reduces heat loss through your walls and ceilings, therefore helping to reduce your energy bills.

How does Thermalmix work?

Paint mixed with Thermalmix creates a unique thermal barrier preventing heat loss through walls and ceilings with interior applications in cold countries. So rooms are warmer, and stay warmer for longer. Conversely, the thermal barrier prevents heat gain with external applications when used in hot countries, creating a cooler internal room and reducing the need for air-conditioning energy use.

Community Review  

23 Jul 2011

Is this the same sort of insulating paint as this? http://goo.gl/Hu8S5 - "An ‘Insulating’ Paint Salesman Is Tripped Up By His Own Product"

"When Alton King built a new house, he didn’t include any insulation — instead, he trusted a ‘miracle’ product, ceramic paint..."

It would be good to see these products being tested officially by the likes of the Energy Saving Trust, or BRE.

We've used a different brand of "insulating" paint to perform GCSE Physics experiments in schools - cooling curves of beakers of water. Unfortunately the brand we used let heat escape FASTER than ordinary paint.

25 Jul 2011

We have had it tested, in an independent UKAS laboratory and the results were good, if you wish we can contact you regarding the tests. Our paint has other qualities such as it reduces condensation and mould problems.

If you wish to know how to test it inhouse and any further information, please contact us or provide your contact details.

Best regards

26 Jul 2011

Secondly, We do have a premixed paint called Thermakote Warmcoat Insulating paint.

Community Review  


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