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Sewage treatment plant

EN12566-3 certified

A sewage treatment plant is an expression for an off mains drainage sewage system.
All sewage treatment is carried out by sewage treatment plants and will have a soakaway or will discharge into a water course.

A sewage treatment plant is a holding tank split into three chambers into which all household waste is discharged into.
This waste comes from showers, sinks, toilets, baths, et cetera.
The sewage treatment process is carried out in three tanks (see diagram of sewage treatment plant).
The solids (heavy particles) are contained and held in the first chamber.
The liquid is then allowed to pass into the second chamber which contains the bacteria.
The bacteria are held in various forms of devices, such as a drum or 100's of loose pices of plastic medium.
Once the liquid has passed through the second chamber and has been processed by the bacteria, it then passes into a third chamber.
From the third chamber the water is then discharged into a soakaway or watercourse.
The sewage treatment plant bacteria work very well in most systems.
So well infact that the sewage effluent is up to 98% cleaner that raw sewage that is discharged from septic tanks.

There are two types of sewage treatment plants that specialize in sewage treatment, electrical and non-electrical.
The electrical sewage treatment plants generally have a compressor which pumps air into the sewage treatment plant, or turn a large drum which again puts air into the tank.
The air (oxygen) aids digestion for the bacteria inside the sewage treatment plant.
Due to modern technology sewage treatment plants are coming on the market that allow air to enter the sewage treatment plant via venturi suction.

Sewage treatment plants are installed to deal with sewage treatment for mainly two reasons.
1) As with each new septic tank and sewage treatment plant installation, a consent permit must be obtained from the Environmental Agency. For more information or advice on this please contact us. If the tank you intend to install is going to be situated near to a water course i.e a stream, well or ditch then the Environment Agency will insist a sewage treatment plant is installed.
2) The other reason is that people are generally becoming more aware and protective of their environment. A sewage treatment plant is a great step forward in reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

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