Where every product is made from recycled materials.

The Recycle Warehouse is an online department store. The aim is to duplicate everything that could be bought from, say, John Lewis or Debenhams, except that every item at The Recycle Warehouse is made from recycled materials.

The Recycle Warehouse was launched this year by John Halladay. ‘By buying from us, you are relieving pressure on the world’s diminishing resources and making a positive impact on climate change. Our inventory includes chairs made from recycled cardboard and whole dining services made from recycled glass.’

Six months after its launch The Recycle Warehouse displays hundreds of items – ‘…about 300 at the moment, still increasing, all of which are made predominantly or wholly from recycled materials. We have a rule that the items must have at least 50% recycled content but most are much higher.’

‘Our goal is to show that every day goods can be made from recycled materials and that they are just as good as new. As well as the quirky – bags made from chewing gum wrappers, stools made from recycled tyres – we have beautiful, functional furniture that is handmade from reclaimed wood, including oak and teak which you just can’t buy any more in a sustainable way; clothes made from recycled fabrics, that can’t be bought in any High Street shops.’

Many of the goods on sale through The Recycle Warehouse are made by charities.
‘Doy Bags are one of the best known manufacturers in the recycling market. Made by a women’s collective in The Philippines, their bags are colourful and exciting, woven from reclaimed fruit juice packs. We supply garden furniture made by a charity in Oxford that employs people with learning disabilities, and we support other charities in various parts of the world.’

At The Recycle Warehouse they have simple principles:
• sustainability comes first, profit comes second;
• business has to lead the way in the war against climate change;
• recycling is an alternative to the exploitation of the world’s finite resources
• this isn’t commerce, this is a Crusade.

John Halladay is a Board Member of Friends of the Earth and a local Greenpeace activist.