The Low Carbon Economy in partnership with the Ideal Home Show are proud to present ‘The Low Carbon Village’. For the first time in the largest domestic housing consumer show in the UK, a low carbon area for products and services has been created. The main themes of the Ideal Home Show are all intrinsically linked to the ethos of a low carbon lifestyle, these themes being:

• Minimising your carbon footprint
• Reducing the cost of living
• Making the most of space

Though there is substantial evidence to suggest that the 250,000+ visitors to the show are well aware of the need to reduce their Carbon Footprint and become more sustainable, many of these interested consumers still need more practical advice to help them make the correct choices.

Partner organisations from the Low Carbon Economy will be part of The Low Carbon Village presenting their products and services. Here within the Low Carbon Village the Low Carbon Economy will be on hand to answer all your questions, whether they be about energy efficiency, renewable energy, low carbon heating, ventilation and cooling, or any other relevant topic like climate change.

The ideal home show is a household name amongst the domestic population and with more people choosing to stay in their current properties to forego moving, the requirement to enhance their current home is all the more poignant. The show has a long running history of featuring new and innovate products and solutions, and the we will guide this growing market segment on their journey towards lower carbon lifestyles.

There are so many benefits to be gained by adopting a more efficient lower carbon lifestyle. We look forward to speaking with you at the Low Carbon Village!