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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

29 Jan 2010 11:01:11

YouTube advice on low carbon lighting

YouTube advice on low carbon lighting
The withdrawal of traditional incandescent light bulbs from UK shops has prompted one low carbon lighting company to address customers' concerns about the transition to energy-efficient lighting.

Megaman, a leading manufacturer of low energy lighting products, has posted five short videos on YouTube and the company's website that will explain simply and easily how the change will affect you.

The firm's UK sales director Adrian Kitching dispels viewers of "common misconceptions" about low energy lighting and gives them the true facts on the situation.

Some of this confusion is around health and safety issues, recycling, the cost savings and worries about performance and light quality, according to the company.

In 2008, the phasing out of incandescent bulbs was announced by the EU.

It is estimated that the switch-over, to be finished by 2013, will save "roughly the electricity consumption of Romania" and reduce carbon emissions by about 15 million tonnes per year.



Discussion Thread  

04 Feb 2010

I'm a CC sceptic, but the cost saving on electric using low energy lighting is incredible, and well worth converting your existing lighting. However these Energy Saving Bulbs and pretty horrible. The megaman ones for example, look to the untrained eye like bulb style bulbs, but it is simply a plastic'y shell covering the curly-whurly horrid bulbs of the past. The dimmable (or Dimmerable - who up?!) ones do not like dimmers that fade-on. You have to turn them on to 100% first, then after they have "warmed up" (about 90 seconds) you can then dim them. If you try and fade-them-on they strobe for a few seconds. Hardly great. The warm-up light is poor to say the least. Regards to low voltage halogens you're stuffed. There are LED alternatives, but they are ALL crap. The way forward is to change these to GU10 mains downlights and use the new Philips Master LED range which quotes "the same as 50w" - they are NOT as good as 50w, but are about as good as 35w downlights. I have used these in my place and am pretty happy with them. These ARE dimmable, fade-on and fade-off, and have a considerably better dim range than any dimming Energy Saving Lamp

Bograt wrote:

08 Sep 2010

Well I’m also a sceptic on many issues, but not on this one. I’ve found that the key to replacing old-style incandescent bulbs with CFLs is not to look for the same colour, shape, warm up characteristics or light output, but to take the best on offer and use it in the most effective way. Complaining about the appearance and construction of CFLs is about as useful as saying that the motor car doesn’t look the same as a horse and cart.
Virtually all the lighting in my place has been converted now, and we have used candle types, spots, golf-ball models and horrid" spirals to good effect. Result? Excellent lighting and an impressive reduction in electricity bills.
As for the brand used, many of the lamps I have used are Megaman branded and I have to say that they perform better, are constructed better, are safer (no mercury) and are more reliable than any other brand I’ve looked at so far.

Discussion Thread  


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