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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

10 Feb 2010 03:02:11

Wind leads electricity sector

Wind leads electricity sector
Planning is essential to take full advantage of the dominance of wind in the energy sector, according to one energy agency.

Last week, new figures from the European Wind Energy Agency (EWEA) confirmed that more wind accounted for over a third of Europe's increased energy capacity (39 percent), ahead of gas at 26 per cent.

According to Paul Berrino, at the EWEA, construction plans for the proposed supergrid linking Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the UK are likely to be finalised soon.

He said to the Ecologist last week: "Without extending and upgrading the grid Europe will not be able to make the emissions reductions it wants, or achieve the level of renewable energy it has set as a target."

In the UK, the British Wind Energy Agency welcomed the figures, but said that, "We need a policy that provides answers to the four big questions -planning, grid, supply chain and finance."



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12 Feb 2010

Wind is dominant in the energy sector Eh ? - Is that dominance the quantity of energy put into ludicrous hardware all over the hills, or the quantity of energy coming out of said harware ?
So far the only hard and fast facts I have been able to gather - at great personal effort - are from a public meeting in Llandeilo, uk, July '05, where we were informed:
Cost of proposed "farm" ------------------------------- 153.0M
Expectable annual income from sale of energy ---------- 000.2M
No-one appeared to be awake at this point, bar myself, or maybe they might have noticed that this is several hundred years to re-coop the energy - money - put into it. Or to gather enough to make a second. Is it a joke I'm not getting, or what ?

Discussion Thread  


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