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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

07 May 2009 03:05:12

US government announces biofuel plans

US government announces biofuel plans
The US government has announced plans to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions produced by biofuels.

A draft ruling by the country's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also called for 36 billion gallons (136 billion litres) per year of biofuels to be added to petrol by 2022.

President Obama said that efforts would be made to improve the efficiency of alternative fuel production.

Corn-based ethanol biofuel has come under intense scrutiny recently, with several environmental groups claiming that its production is potentially more damaging to the environment than the fossil fuels that it is meant to replace.

The Obama administration announced the creation of a Biofuels Interagency Working Group in order to develop national policy on current and next-generation biofuels.

"If we are to be a leader in the 21st century global economy, then we must lead the world in clean energy technology," the president said.

"Through American ingenuity and determination, we can and will succeed."

It is estimated by the EPA that the use of more efficient, home-grown biofuel will reduce US emissions by 145 million tonnes a year and cut its dependence on foreign oil by approximately 297 million barrels annually.



Discussion Thread  

09 May 2009

Bio fules are ok but algae is the top producer of energy per acre and cleans water at the same time. We have to pick the best choice in each area and even combine them. Like a hybrid alternate fuel vehicle that is lighter and more efficient.

Amory Lovins calculated that a vehicle used 99% of the energy put into it for move the vehicle and 1 % t move you. Compare that to a bicyle. A light weight composite body vehicles like the aperta is all most people need to comute to work ! 70% of vehicle trips are with 1 person in the vehicle.

Discussion Thread  


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