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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

05 May 2009 12:05:09

Savoy Hotel to generate electricity from food waste

Savoy Hotel to generate electricity from food waste
One of the UK's most iconic hotels is to begin recycling its leftover food in a bid to reduce its energy demands.

The Savoy Hotel in London plans to send its food remains to a biomass power plant, which the BBC reported will provide electricity to ten percent of its guest rooms.

Leftovers and kitchen waste will be processed by the PDM Group to recover liquid fat, which can then be used to manufacture biofuels for electricity generation.

Debra Patterson, the hotel's environmental ambassador, told the news provider that the scheme will allow it "not only to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, but to make a significant improvement to the Savoy's overall carbon footprint by displacing fossil fuels - a completely sustainable solution".

Currently undergoing a £100 million refurbishment, the famous hotel is pursuing a range of initiatives in an attempt to become the most environmentally-friendly establishment in London when it reopens later this year.

Evolve Energy, which is working with the hotel, claims that the energy efficiency drive will ultimately help the Savoy to reduce its electricity usage by as much as 40 percent and carbon dioxide emissions by 3,000 tonnes a year - equivalent to removing 850 cars from the road.

As well as the contract with the green energy power plant, the hotel will also be retrofitted with a combined heat and power plant and a system to recover heat from the air.



Discussion Thread  

08 May 2009

"Wooly" english !
1) The statement ".....will HELP the Savoy to reduce its electricity usage by as much as 40 percent and carbon dioxide emissions by 3,000 tonnes a year ... " has no real meaning for me since it gives me know idea of how much "Evolve energy" contributed to any such result. Did they achieve most of it ? - or did several others also do their bit.
2) Since when was the Pig a second-rate recycler of food ? Since PDM Group invented a way of using 100kW-hrs of energy to destroy enuf food to generate 100 kW-hr of "electricity" ?
3) I asked a "Bio-diesel" producer - " Do you run your agricultural machines on Bio-diesel ?"
He didn't seem to know. So I asked "how many litres of diesel does it take to make 1 litre of biodiesel ?" He didn't seem to know that eithe.
Since I have my time fully committed to developing systems that DO have answers, I don't have time to trawl endless woffle in the hope of finding some straight facts - other than "well, it all runs on oil and gas actually - and we are a bit coy about anything other than that"

Discussion Thread  


The Low Carbon Economy Ltd Community

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