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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

26 Jun 2009 10:06:02

UK citizens told how lifestyle changes can help stop climate change

UK citizens told how lifestyle changes can help stop climate change
The UK government has produced a pamphlet which highlights how lifestyle changes can help stop climate change.

In an attempt to raise awareness of how ordinary citizens can reduce their carbon emissions and save money, the leaflet will be sent to thousands of organisations across the country, including GP surgeries, libraries and schools.

According to the Telegraph, the pamphlet will detail how small gestures can make a significant impact on the carbon reduction process.

Specific examples include hanging washing on a line outside rather than using a tumble dryer; taking showers rather than baths and turning household appliances off rather than leaving them on standby when not in use.

According to Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary, the pamphlet will also help to raise awareness of an issue which even now is being ignored.

"People believe climate change is happening in the UK, most people don't think it's a plot or something made up, but most people don't seem to think it will happen in their area," he told the news provider.

Last week, Mr Miliband spoke about the continuing problems posed by a conflict between the "demands of science" and "constraints of politics" which was hindering the effort to tackle climate change.



Discussion Thread  

26 Jun 2009

So again we are told that the onus is entirely on us individuals to save the planet!
While we sit in our underheated homes trying to read under inadequate lighting, County Hall has a nice new floodlighting system. And a stroll through london - or any other city centre - shows how much energy is wasted in display lighting, streetlights and useless advertising. When this major waste problem is addressssed perhaps everyone may take the carbon issue more seriously.

touchwood wrote:

27 Jun 2009

it is everyones responsiblity to do what ever they can and if they see others not doing what is necessary to reduce our impact on the climate then they need to make a fuss and get them involved in the battle
We have all been living in a fools paradise for 200 years our comfortable lifestyles are totally based on fossil fuels, just look around you and every manufactured item you lay your eyes on is there because of fossil fuel and has a carbon footprint. I can foresee big problems when we try to live the way we are on renewables only. We have to reduce our usage of energy and increase drastically the take up of renewables and ignore every nimby who says he doesn't want to see a wind turbine in his back yard he won't have a back yard if he continues with that attitude

Discussion Thread  


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