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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

02 Jan 2009 10:01:07

Scientists back Plan B for climate change

Scientists back Plan B for climate change
Failure to make significant carbon emissions reductions could pave the way for a technological intervention, scientists have said.

A poll of several top climate change experts by the Independent has revealed that there is a growing consensus for a "Plan B".

This would involve using the latest geoengineering approaches in an attempt to limit CO2 emissions.

Possible schemes include creating low-level maritime clouds above the Earth's ocean to lower temperatures and planting iron filings in the sea to increase production of the carbon-absorbing underwater plant phytoplankton.

Professor James Lovelock, said he always doubted how successful the Kyoto agreement would prove.

The author of the Gaia hypothesis told the newspaper: "I am neither more nor less optimistic now about prospect of curbing CO2 compared to 10 years ago.

"I am, however, less optimistic now about the ability of the Earth's climate system to cope with expected increases in atmospheric carbon levels compared with ten years ago."

"I strongly agree that we now need a 'plan B' where a geoengineering strategy is drawn up in parallel with other measures to curb CO2 emissions."



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02 Jan 2009

"Few seem to realise that the present IPCC models predict almost unanimously that by 2040 the average summer in Europe will be as hot as the summer of 2003 when over 30,000 died from heat. By then we may cool ourselves with air conditioning and learn to live in a climate no worse than that of Baghdad now. But without extensive irrigation the plants will die and both farming and natural ecosystems will be replaced by scrub and desert. What will there be to eat? The same dire changes will affect the rest of the world and I can envisage Americans migrating into Canada and the Chinese into Siberia but there may be little food for any of them." --Dr James Lovelock's lecture to the Royal Society, 29 Oct. '07

"I'm going to tell you something I probably shouldn't: we may not be able to stop global warming. We need to begin curbing global greenhouse emissions right now, but more than a decade after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the world has utterly failed to do so. Unless the geopolitics of global warming change soon, the Hail Mary pass of geoengineering might become our best shot." --Bryan Walsh, Time Magazine, 17 March 2008

"The alternative (to geoengineering) is the acceptance of a massive natural cull of humanity and a return to an Earth that freely regulates itself but in the hot state." --Dr James Lovelock, August 2008

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