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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

10 Sep 2010 10:09:11

Ryanair boss denies man-made climate change

Ryanair boss denies man-made climate change
Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has claimed that man-made emissions are not contributing to climate change.

In an interview with the Independent, Mr O'Leary said that it is undeniable that the global climate has changed over the past few centuries but added that he believes humans have not played a role in these changes.

"..There's absolutely no link between man-made carbon, which contributes less than two percent of total carbon emissions, [and climate change]," he told the news provider.

Mr O'Leary added that the scientific community has "nearly always been wrong in history anyway" and continued to suggest that scientists were arguing that man was creating global warming to gain funding.

In a response statement, Joss Garman, a Greenpeace spokesman, said that he "would not trust O'Leary to tell me the price of a seat on his own airline", adding that his view is shared by "intellectual heavyweights [such] as Nick Griffin, Sarah Palin and George W Bush".

Ryanair is the largest low-cost airline in Europe and operates a fleet of 250 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft.ADNFCR-1235-ID-800059859-ADNFCR

Discussion Thread  

10 Sep 2010

A pathetic display of ignorance.

10 Sep 2010

A pathetic display of ignorance. How convenient.

10 Sep 2010

Where on earth did he get his figures from?! Clearly he has done science which nobody else has - and clearly he is keeping his science to himself. What a strange thing to say.

13 Sep 2010

To be fair, even as an Environmental Scientist, my belief in man made climate change is almost one of 'faith' rather than one developed from an understanding the science that leads to this popular conclusion.

Watching Einstein and Eddington recently, I saw parallels between how it was convenient for early scientists, to avoid the wrath of the clergy, to leave room for God in their theories and the fervour with which climate change has embedded itself in the public consciousness.

We have got to a state now that any dissenting voice is dismissed as polemic spouted by crazed heretics. Stifling debate is unhealthy and regressive.

Just this month the IPPC, in a report from the Inter Academy Council, were asked to be less emotive in their reporting on climate change and to change the way they communicate uncertainty.

Essentially the argument is moot – there can be no logically argument for living in a wasteful and selfish world. Embracing sustainability has merit regardless of the extent to which man contributes to climate change.

Discussion Thread  


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