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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

10 May 2010 05:05:16

Policy on electric cars 'must get moving'

Policy on electric cars 'must get moving'
The government must make the effort to "get policy moving" if it is to meet its targets for a greener transport system, according to low carbon business ambassador Julia King.

Speaking at the John Collier lecture, Ms King said that even though there is a lot of development taking place within the electric vehicle market, radical changes are needed if long-term targets are to be met.

She identified three alternatives which the UK could use to reach its targets for reducing the carbon emissions from vehicles: biofuels, hydrogen and electricity.

Electric car production was said to be the most promising option to contribute to the UK's low carbon economy.

Nissan announced that production of its electric car, the Leaf, will begin in Sunderland in 2013, and Toyota has also identified the UK's potential as a manufacturer of both next-generation batteries and vehicles.

"The change in industry attitude is very promising. In 2030, the UK will be selling cars to rapidly-developing Asian economies," Ms King said.

In contrast, initiatives within the area of electric cars have so far been "disjointed", she added.

So, in fact, is it up to the government to "get policy moving" or will the industry take care of itself? ADNFCR-1235-ID-19768403-ADNFCR

Discussion Thread  

pg wrote:

11 May 2010

"The Government", hmm what is that exactly right now? We have a King Maker on the prowl and a tired socialist regime that has reacted to shadow policy rather than ever having been innovative. The recent car scrappage scheme didn't apply if you wanted to buy an Electric Car - one example! Biofuels are contraversial depending on what you're planning to grow in order to make fuel rather than food - ironic when 10,000 children die each day in poverty!

Nissan, I think, have also said that the Leaf will be on sale in the UK THIS year, maybe not made here just yet but available and whilst the debate will continue about the carbon used to create new cars and ship them around the planet rather than modify perfectly good already built carbon producing vehicles, at least availability of "no carbon emissions" vehicles is a start! As for the point... "In 2030, the UK will be selling cars to rapidly developing Asian markets" etc, does Ms King not know that the Chinese car market is already a bigger market than the USA? And with no UK owned volume car makers left, which cars might it be that we'll be exporting in such volumes? Would they be the Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas etc that originate in Asia? Hmm, makes you think doesn't it?

The UK Govt has never picked winners, so the industry (or rather the market) will take care of itself...and the UK will almost certainly lose out yet again!

Discussion Thread  


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