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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

19 Feb 2010 09:02:11

North-east factory to make world's largest turbine blades

North-east factory to make world's largest turbine blades
A Californian company is to build a factory in the north-east of the UK that will make the world's biggest wind turbine blades.

The UK government has part-financed plans for the factory in Newcastle.

Clipper Windpower has been give funding to design the site, which is expected to employ up to 500 people by 2020 in the manufacturing of blades for the giant ten megawatt Britannia offshore wind turbine.

The project is one of several that have been announced, following another round of government investment in offshore energy.

Ed Miliband, minister at the Department for Energy and Climate Change, said this week: "I welcome Clipper's ground-breaking announcement to build the largest wind turbine blade in the world on the banks of the Tyne.

"The north east is at the forefront in providing the skills, expertise and enterprise to capitalise on this rapidly expanding market, which has the potential to create thousands of future green jobs."

Mr Miliband also called for proposals for £8 million of capital grant funding for technology development in the offshore wind sector to be submitted by March 31st 2011.

Some of the beneficiaries of the previous £18 million round of funding included Siemens, Artemis and Mitsubishi.



Discussion Thread  

19 Feb 2010

Try as I do, it seems impossible to get the simple message across that, in the case of a wind turbine, bigger is more expensive per m^2 of weather faced. For those just out of bed, this is because we want Area, but we must Pay for Volume, and, strange as this may seem, early in the morning, the two are not the same. That is why they have different names.
Now when it comes to Alternators - those unmentionable, unfashionable parts that every "turbine" must be coupled-to in order to send any energy extracted from the wind, to somewhere else for use - draw breath - it so happens that One big one to replace 4 of 1/4 the thro'put costs only about Half as much as the 4.
So, the total cost T+A depends upon what physical Size of Turbine-Alternator Device is deployed. We can have, for instance, 128 of D metres diameter, or 32 of 2D metres diameter, or 8 of 4D metres diameter, and so on. The cost in each case will not be the same, but the Area of weather faced, will be the same.
The cost is least for diameters where the T costs about the same as the A. This occurs at the very convenient size of around One metre diameter. Just under this and the required coupling gear-ratio becomes 1:1.
But why let a silly little "Arguement" like that get in the way of your super green furry "eco-friendly" BUSINESS !!

donn wrote:

19 Feb 2010

Its an offshore turbine so the operation and maintenance costs are very important. Replacing one gearbox as against 4 x gearboxes, etc.

19 Feb 2010

Very interestting...yawn ...yes just out of bed. Look on the bright side - it brings badly needed jobs to the North East and will cut our reliance on fossil fuel.

19 Feb 2010

A few questions here!
Why is the government investing in a new company ? Why did they not invest in the company that had to shut down on the Ise of Wight, they were already setup to manufacture blades, with the skills and know already in place?
Why is the government investing in an American company and not in a British or European company?
Has this been thought out, and a full life cycle cost analysis been completed with regard the economy of scale? Has the local Engineering community been consulted or is Miliband trying to make points at the expense everybody else [Tax payer]?

19 Feb 2010

With regards to Newcastle and The Isle of Wight -- Newcastle has agreed to wind turbines but Isle of Wight has taken a real Nimby attitude. No wonder Vestas pulled out. People must realise that each zone has to produce electricity. if the Isle of Wight continues to refuse to produce any electricity can we not simply cut off supply during periods of shortage Malcolm M

Discussion Thread  


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