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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

17 Sep 2009 03:09:09

New funds for offshore wind industry

New funds for offshore wind industry
A fresh investment into the wind energy industry has been announced by the UK government.

Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary, has revealed new companies to benefit from its renewable energy investment programme.

A £4.4 million grant has been given to Clipper Windpower, with the money being used to develop offshore wind turbines.

These will measure 70 metres in length, weigh more than 30 tonnes and be 175 metres high, making them the largest offshore wind blades in the world.

Speaking at a Trades Union Congress meeting in Liverpool, Mr Miliband said: "With strong government backing, the UK is consolidating its lead in offshore wind energy. We already have more offshore wind energy than any other country.

"Our coastline means the offshore wind industry has the potential to employ tens of thousands of workers by 2020."

A further grant has been received by Artemis Intelligent Power to develop renewable energy in Scotland.



Discussion Thread  

18 Sep 2009

I it quite unbelievable that they continue to "invest" in this Toxic asset known as "Windfarm" I have emailed time and time again - "DECC" "DTI" - you name it , to say that current (80m high) "Windfarms" - with an annual return of a fraction of One Percent of their cost - are completely unsustainable. I have pointed to the reasons for this which are twofold.
To re-iterate:
The cost of facing any given area of weather is a necklace-shaped function of (Log) size of TADs.
The lowest cost is for sizes where the T costs about the same as the A. This occurrs at about 1m diameter.
Operating at constant revs, wastes high wind, which causes the power taken from the wind to be approxiomately "pro-rata" - as opposed to cubicly - related to windspeed.
These two facts account - very nicely - for thye disparity in annual return between current (80m high) "technology" and a sensible design.

25 Sep 2009

If they were serious about actually doing something, they would invest in up-dating sails on cargo vessels. But second thoughts - we are probable doing badly enuf as it is.

Discussion Thread  


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