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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

26 Sep 2008 05:09:34

New coal plant plans split cabinet

New coal plant plans split cabinet
Government ministers are split over plans submitted by E.On to build two coal-burning plants at Kingsnorth.

Coal-burning, renowned as the most carbon-intensive of the various ways electricity is generated, could become a cleaner process when carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is developed.

Until then, environment secretary Hilary Benn and foreign secretary David Miliband, oppose business secretary John Hutton's enthusiasm to grant permission to E.On, the Independent reports.

According to the Environmental Audit Committee, CCS could reduce a coal-burning facility's emissions by 90 per cent, though the technology is far from ready or economically viable.

The Environment Agency urged the government not to grant approval to any coal power plants which will not have CCS fitted from the outset, while campaigners have joined the call to stop the construction of the plant.

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, said: "It's become clear to everyone except Hutton that we can't build new coal-fired power stations and still deal with climate change. And nor do we have to in order to 'keep the lights on'."

Some 30 coal burning plants in the EU produce one tenth of the region's total carbon emissions.

Discussion Thread  

aussepom wrote:

26 Sep 2008

It is quite possible that the Chinese will all so be offered some more advantages, that is if the western countries do not back the inventors that work 'outside the box', such as a small project in Melbourne that would enable them to run there navy on water from the sea, that is they use gas turbines for there drives and power.
There Power stations that will run on water from the waste treatment plants. No coal, and no oil for there ships required, and No pollution. There aircraft run on water, the nuclear subs, modified so that the reactors do not require any uranium to run them. There even is a possibility that an under water 'jet engine' that would work up to a depth 350ft, and better still the same design will work in air and space. This is no a dream or prank.
Impossible you say, no it will no be if they invest in the technology under development here in Australia. That Australia, UK or USA do not seem to be interested in. I may well be offered to them.
There would then be no need for this CO development.

Discussion Thread  


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