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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

25 Jan 2010 12:01:07

Low carbon software sales to boom

Low carbon software sales to boom
Carbon accounting software sales are likely to boom in 2010, a new report claims.

A research study by the US company Groom Energy Solutions (GES) found that there was more than $46 million worth of investment in carbon accounting software companies last year.

The increase in the number of firms reporting their carbon emissions figures means that the market will continue to grow.

According to GES, there are three major factors for the drive for investment in the market by several global software companies.

Companies are being pressured into being greener by customers and state agencies, there are costs in the long-run to be saved from investing in green technology and most corporations already have a sustainability programme in place necessitating carbon accounting, the report claimed.

Paul Baier, the vice president of GES, said: "From politicians like Al Gore and Condoleezza Rice getting involved with startups, to Microsoft, CA, and SAP, entering the market, our prediction that 2009 would be the year of enterprise carbon accounting came to fruition.

"Our on-going customer and vendor research reinforces our belief that the ECA [Enterprise Carbon Accounting] market will see explosive growth in size and global importance in 2010 and 2011."



Discussion Thread  

Duncan wrote:

26 Jan 2010

Two quotes from sun micro systems ( a supporter of this web site) i thought would be well placed with this article.
The first...
“It's not just servers: our open, industry-leading innovations help you green your IT environment from the desktop to the data center, with an integrated portfolio of solutions and end-to-end lifecycle services.”

“With a billion people participating online today, the network consumes more than 100 billion kilowatts of electricity and costs businesses around $7.2 billion in utility bills annually. And since the power consumption of data centres doubled between 2000 and 2005, it's no surprise that 25 percent of an IT budget is consumed by energy costs alone. Some analysts say infrastructure power usage will soon cost more than the hardware itself.”

A link to Sun Micro systems information should you be interested in further information:

SMEasure wrote:

01 Feb 2010

Check out (), the online building energy analysis and carbon monitoring tool developed by Oxford University.

Its feedback on building energy use, taking into account weather conditions (degree day analysis), is one of the best out there. No kit is required to use it, just the building's energy meter readings. And finally it is FREE!

Discussion Thread  


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