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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

10 Sep 2009 09:09:03

Green tax for tourists plan praised

Green tax for tourists plan praised
Plans to make tourists visiting the Maldives pay a tax for the environment have been praised by campaigners.

President Mohammed Nasheed recently revealed a scheme that would see tourists charged £1.80 in green tax per day when visiting the island.

This would be used for carbon offsetting purposes, with the money being put back into climate change initiatives.

According to carbonfootprint.com, this is a step in the right direction for the travel industry.

John Buckley, managing director of the website, said: "Anything that is helping to fund projects that reduce carbon emissions is a good idea.

"The other benefit of it is that it will make people think as well. It will help educate the people that are travelling to these places, so that's good."

He went on to suggest that the public will be open to ideas such as this because responsibility for reducing carbon footprints is now being shouldered by everyone.

President Nasheed presented his plans at the Australian National Carbon Conference.



Discussion Thread  

11 Sep 2009

All very well, but how about a rough idea of how it will be spent ! At least I believe we can rest assured that it won't be on (80m high) "Windfarms" as I've an idea that they are not allowed there.
This is a very good decision since the technology is completely unsustainable without more fuel to buld and replace them, such is the % of cost rerturned p.a. figure. - A small fraction of 1 percent according to a public meeting at Llandeilo, uk July '05. I have no reason to not believe the figure, in the light of knowledge - and results - gained from some 20 years of (solo) R+D effort I did send details of a wind scheme to President Nasheed, but don't know if he ever saw them.
The scheme
1) returns 5% of cost in average sites, and much more say on a Brighton Chimney, or the west coast of Eire !
2) does not involve flailing "blades", and can fit on existing tall structures.

Sadly I have yet to find anything about it which appeals to government departments, for instance.
How about "Low Iodine 121 emmission" Sound any good ? I tried "doubling time in average site around 28 years if half of the output is put into extending the system."
Might just as well talk to the trees - that's probably time better spent !

Discussion Thread  


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