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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

23 Oct 2008 05:10:04

Decentralised energy would save London 3.5m tonnes CO2

Decentralised energy would save London 3.5m tonnes CO2
Decentralising a quarter of London's energy supply and locating power plants near the buildings that use energy could help the capital cut out 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a report.

A study by London First claims that locating electricity plants locally near housing estates, amenities and hospitals would cut down on energy waste compared to using current centralised systems.

Heat and electricity is lost along the miles of high voltage cables required to transmit energy from central generators, claimed the report, which also noted local plants would be free of the expense of transmission lines.

Judith Salomon, director of planning and development at London First, said: "Decentralised energy has an important role to play in reducing London's climate impact. At the moment there are few incentives in place and too many barriers preventing the success of local heat and power generation.

"Our report offers a series of recommendations which can deliver on the mayor's 25 per cent decentralised energy target, by unlocking the £7 billion of private sector investment required."

The mayor's Climate Change Action Plan called for a quarter of London's electricity supply to be decentralised by 2025.

Achieving such carbon emissions reductions, which would be the equivalent of emissions from heating 1.1 million homes, would contribute to the national plan of reducing CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.



Discussion Thread  

24 Oct 2008

Decentralized power also allows for much greater efficiency through use of waste heat locally for such purposes as heating districts, driving chillers to provide cooling to a facility or facilties,  etc.

(CHP)   This can increase efficiency nearly 100% in some cases, such as microturbines with waste heat used for driving chillers, for heating, for hot water, etc.   Likewise for fuel cells with similar use of waste heat.



Duncan wrote:

27 Oct 2008

This was also looked at back in 2006 - the conclusion being that distributed generation offered better efficiency, energy security and climate impacts than any other option for the capital's energy requirements:


27 Oct 2008

Unless the Planning regime in London changes it is unlikely anything will ever get built.  We have had a planning application for a 2.5MWe renewable energy station with the cleanest environmental profile of any system on the planet turned down in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham mainly on the basis of an intervention from the Mayors Office upset that it wouldn't provide hydrogen fuel for the (past) Mayor's buses - no and nor will anything else for the next thirty years at least.  Forget that it would stop the environmentally ridiculous current practice of exporting of waste wood by boat from London to Belgium and Scandinavia (so that they can burn it) or take 2000 lorry journeys a year off the A13 or provide the potential for just the local CHP referred to in this article. Or 5 new jobs and some security for 10 existing ones!We now have a new application pending whilst we wait for an appeal to be heard by the Inspector of Planning next February.  In other parts of the country (that generally have better educated planning officers and less fingers in the planning pie) we expect to get our applications through on delegated powers because they tick all the sustainable policy directives in the book.  The Inspector of Planning is 100% going to uphold our appeal meaning a massive waste of public money and a delay of two years to get up and running.  The current Mayor doesn't seem interested in our case either - Perhaps someone could make him aware of this sites strapline. Let's make it happen Boris - you have my number.

Discussion Thread  


The Low Carbon Economy Ltd Community

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