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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

04 Dec 2009 09:12:11

Climate change 'starts at home'

Climate change 'starts at home'
Consumers are being asked to question their green credentials.

According to New Scientist reporter Dave S Reay, with less than week until world leaders meet in Copenhagen for the climate change summit, many people may be turning their attention to politicians and forgetting their own impact on the planet.

In an article for the magazine, Mr Reay argued that climate change begins at home and told readers to consider think about how they can help tackle the global issue.

He said: "Ask yourself this: how green am I really? You might think you are doing your bit for the environment, but even if you shun bottled water, buy local produce and reuse your plastic bags, chances are that you have some habits that are far more environmentally damaging than you realise.

"What's more, if everyone else is doing these things too, their detrimental effects really add up."

The journalist explained that seemingly innocent activities such as drinking coffee, washing clothes and wasting food can be harmful to the environment.

Mr Reay concluded by encouraging readers to use this knowledge to make better choices tomorrow.



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04 Dec 2009

To the embryonic list of harmful activities we can add "Sponsoring "Green" electricity". Windfarms currently return - in their entire working lives - only a small fraction of the energy required to replace them. This total unsustainablility (without energy INPUT from other sources) has 3 main reasons:
1) The cost of facing any area of weather with Turbine-Alternator Devices - TADs - is a necklace-shaped function of (log) Size of the TADs. This is because their is more material in One large T than several smaller ones of same total area, whilst One large A is less expensive than several smaller ones of same total thro'put. The lowest cost occurs for sizes where the Ts costs about the same as the As. This happens at around One metre diameter. Just under this, the gearbox disappears !
2) Operating at Constant revs progressively wastes the higher winds
3) The way in which the wind flows around the swept area, and that which passes thro' does so at below prevailing windspeed. (Betz)

Discussion Thread  


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