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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

02 Mar 2010 03:03:10

CBI: Drivers need to be tested on fuel-efficient techniques

CBI: Drivers need to be tested on fuel-efficient techniques
Motorists should be tested on how environmentally-friendly their driving techniques are, according to an industry body.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has highlighted driving as one of the easiest ways of reducing carbon emissions in its latest report entitled Tackling Climate Change Closer to Home.

As a compulsory part of their driving test, prospective drivers should show they can drive in an energy-efficient manner. The CBI has calculated that individuals could save up to £250 on the cost of running their car.

Dr Neil Bentley, the director of business environment at the organisation, said: "Simply changing gears more smoothly to avoid sharp breaking and acceleration can reduce fuel consumption by a third.

"(This test) will make a significant contribution to changing the next generation of motorists’ behaviour, and to cutting transport emissions."

Other recommendations in the report included using taxes from the purchase of carbon-intensive cars to promote low-carbon cars, establishing long-term limits for reducing car emissions and speeding up plans for the roll-out of smart meters.



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07 Mar 2010

Buying a prius can improve any drive. With it's dash information they can see how good or bad they drive. If they get the EPA Goverment advertised numbers that are as bad as a test dummy. If they do better that are a drive who drives like they care.

I used to get 60-84 in my 2005 prius, then we added the plugin option and nove get 100+ and on 30-40 mile trips we just drive all electric. I only buy gas once every 3 or 4 months now.

Discussion Thread  


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