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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

14 May 2010 05:05:07

Cameron promises greenest government ever

Cameron promises greenest government ever
New UK prime minister David Cameron has promised that his government will be the greenest ever.

During a visit to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Cameron said that the low carbon economy will be at the heart of his agenda and pledged to make all ministerial departments cut their carbon emissions by ten per cent.

"We've got a big, big opportunity here, I want us to be the greenest government ever. It's a very simple ambition and one I'm absolutely committed to achieving," he added.

He also highlighted his intention to focus on the green economy, saying: "We've got a real opportunity to drive the green economy, green jobs, green growth and make sure we have our share of the industries of the future."

Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne has been placed in charge of the DECC, replacing Labour MP Ed Miliband, and it certainly seems like he has his work cut out for him if the government is going to place so much focus on environmental issues.

Huhne told reporters that he would be doing his bit to help cut carbon emissions by cycling to work.

But does the Con-Dem government have the potential to be the greenest ever?

Discussion Thread  

pg wrote:

15 May 2010

"Libertorians" is a better mash-up of the parties names than Con-Dem!

15 May 2010

Or will the slow motion train wreck that is UK energy policy continue?

We have gone through coal, gas, and now imagine nuclear will save us while the cheaper and safer wind resource flies past us largely untroubled.

The only energy ministers have conserved is their own. Faced with a real decision, like insisting that people working on existing homes insulate them while they are at it, ministers fumbled and dropped the ball every time. People shiver on the dole and the elderly get greyer, while homes lack basic insulation.

For sure this government can do no worse.

Discussion Thread  


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