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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

10 Nov 2009 09:11:05

Nuclear energy 'not the solution'

Nuclear energy 'not the solution'
The government should focus on all forms of technology, not just nuclear, in order to meet its low carbon targets, according to the Renewable Energy Centre.

A spokesperson for the organisation made the claim after energy secretary Ed Miliband set out the draft Nuclear Policy Statement (NPS) yesterday.

The draft outlined why nuclear power is important and gave the go-ahead to ten sites across England that are to have nuclear energy stations constructed on them.

However, the Renewable Energy Centre urged the government to consider alternative technologies saying it would be "disappointing if nuclear was seen as the solution".

The organisation claimed that wind power could be installed much faster than nuclear technology and with fewer "contentious issues", such as waste storage.

A spokesperson for the online information centre said: "Both wind and wave power are the UK's greatest assets when it comes to clean energy supply.

"It is essential we take full advantage of these over the next decade to ensure we have both energy security and a much larger proportion of renewable energy supply."



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13 Nov 2009

Yes, Windpower COULD play a very large role in Britain's energy supply IF non self-sustaining systems are Diss-allowed. Current "technology" is about 1/50 "as sustainable" as sensibly designed systems. I put "as sustainable" in quotes because at such a low rate (a small fraction of one percent of its cost returned annually) it is not sustainable At All !! This fact, it seems, doesn't stop the government from trying to instantly build enuf to get itself off the hook at the conferences. The physical facts are that, despite what the "wind-bizniss" tries to tell us (that their systems make oil and gold, and diamond mines look a relatively silly waste of money) the return from the vast rotating punk haircuts on collosal sticks is a small fraction of one percent p.a.. There are very simple reasons for this
One is that the cost of facing any given area of wind is a necklace-shaped function of (log) size of TADs deployed, the lowest cost ocurring at sizes where the T costs about the same as the A - which happens at around a metre diameter. Now the editor has broken again

21 Nov 2009

The REC is 100% spot on - why develop the nuclear energy again when we don't have to. Even if we have some 'lights out' over the coming years we should head straight for the end game - 100% renewables: NOW
What happens if the new nuclear power stations let their UK companies go bust when they have to pay for decommissioning. then we are left with a 70bn debt we can ill afford. we cannot afford the current decommissioning.
I would like to see a link to norway to harness their hydro power, so that it can plug the gaps in the wind energy system and have an inteligent grid combined with as many barrages and tidal devices and wave energy converters as possible. Building regs should force solar solutions and insulation requirements, etc as they have in northern europe. Existing house stock should be 100% thermally lined, somehow, etc, etc.

Discussion Thread  


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