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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

22 Oct 2009 09:10:05

Nuclear changes needed to meet low-carbon targets

Nuclear changes needed to meet low-carbon targets
A number of changes need to be made to the UK's nuclear energy infrastructure if low carbon targets are to be met, a new report has claimed.

Research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) predicted that the UK may miss out on its climate change targets if the government fails to build six nuclear plants by 2030.

Between ten and 12 reactors are required if the country's energy infrastructure is to move to a low-carbon model, the report stated.

Neil Bentley, CBI director of business environment, said: "With most existing nuclear plants due to close within ten years, we urgently need new reactors to come on stream.

"Nuclear power can play a key role in cutting carbon emissions and bolstering energy security. It needs to be part of a broad-based energy mix that includes wind and other renewable sources, gas and clean coal."

The CBI also called for more government support for companies involved in the nuclear supply chain.



Discussion Thread  

Duncan wrote:

23 Oct 2009

Perhaps the CBI should read which looks at why nuclear power isn't a sensible economic option.

Consider that any new nuclear power stations built in the UK are most likely to be built by a foreign company using a design licensed from either the US or France, and that the UK has no uranium fuel supply of our own. Further, consider that there's a whole host of UK companies with energy efficient and renewable energy technologies that with the right support could make the UK a world-leading sustainable energy/technology leader.

Considering all of that, I'm quite baffled by the CBI's insistence that new nukes will be good for British industry.

23 Oct 2009

Yes, I feel sure everyone will be so happy to know that some of their tax money is to go to suxh a worthy cause as "supply companies to the nuclear industry".
I just can't wait for the my space in the dole-queue in the (Brave ?) new, - but CO2-free, "zoociety". Zooper !
Will there be padded cells for those who just cannot control their Iksightment ? do you think ?

Discussion Thread  


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