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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

17 Mar 2009 03:03:24

New lithium battery 'charges in seconds'

New lithium battery 'charges in seconds'
Scientists have developed a new re-engineered battery that can be charged within seconds.

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that changing the way lithium ion batteries are made can reduce the time taken to ensure a full recharge.

This could possibly lead to smaller, lighter batteries which could potentially be made available within two to three years.

Professor Gerbrand Ceder and graduate student Byoungwoo Kang published their findings in the latest edition of the journal Nature and revealed that more efficient charging is possible by changing the surface structure of the battery.

The two created a surface area that prevents lithium ions from moving too quickly around the outside of the material. Comparing this system to a ring road around a city, they explained that once an ion reaches a tunnel it is directed in to the battery.

Using this process, the engineers devised a small battery that can be charged within 10 to 20 seconds. This compares to the 6 minutes taken to charge existing lithium batteries.

"The ability to charge and discharge batteries in a matter of seconds rather than hours may open up new technological applications and induce lifestyle changes," the pair concluded.



Discussion Thread  

maxpesh wrote:

02 May 2009

The only problem is that the batteries in an electric vehicle would be able to take more current than that of a household supply. However, most gas stations have a three phase power supply anyway so it should be very easy to install fast charge outlets in all of these places. It's about time the governments of the world got of their lazy backsides and cut all the red tape and just get on with it. The planet is very quickly running out of time. Please don't kill the electric car a second time around


08 May 2009

battery patents are still being shelved by vested interests ever(ready :-]) since Edison but even their fantastic wealth cannot stop the battery-capacitor which every man other than petrol heads can add to his diy EV....KISS

09 May 2009

Careful , you need a lot of power to charge in seconds. If it during peak time of day it can cause overloads , brownouts and or black outs. Slow and easy is the best charging and Off Peak !

11 May 2009

I agree ! Fast-charging - Pooh ! sort of thing you get near closing time. What if everyone arranged to plug-in their bikes/cars/lorries and high-speed passenger trains at, say, 11: in the morning. This could cause not just a brown, a green - nor even a Black -out. It would be a honour to Frank Zappa himself, and probably make hime rotate gently in his grave by virtue of the shear magnetic improbabiligoat !
We've enuf to contend with from 24 hr drinking without having batteries that don't take long-enuf to charge !! Next thing, they'll be forcing us to change our lifestyle, by dressing-up as policemen -
The Battery Police - and doing door to door enquiries .

Mech Eng wrote:

11 May 2009

Fast charging great.
So garages (and houses) take off peak power and store it, then rapidly charge car batteries.
Some people are just negative. Half empty instead of half full.

Frank Zapper can rest easy?

Discussion Thread  


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