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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

11 Dec 2008 12:12:07

Feasibility of 1GW hydrogen-from-coal plant to be studied

Feasibility of 1GW hydrogen-from-coal plant to be studied
Shell is to study the feasibility of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) coal power plant that runs on hydrogen.

The oil major has announced plans to conduct a feasibility study into a 1,000 megawatt (MW) power plant in Holland.

It claims the low carbon emissions plant would capture and store most of the carbon dioxide from the coal and biomass it would use as its fuel.

The coal and biomass would be gasified, producing a synthesis gas which would be used to make hydrogen.

Hydrogen would then power the electricity generating turbines.

According to the company, gasification makes it easier to capture CO2 than conventional burning.

Peter de Wit, executive vice president for Clean Coal Energy at Shell, said its gasification technology "is a tried and tested process for converting various energy resources, including coal, into electricity in the cleanest possible way".

The study, being carried out with Essent, will also look at suitable sites for CO2 storage in abandoned oil and gas oilfields.

In the UK three companies, ScottishPower, E.On and Peel Energy are bidding to build a demonstration CCS plant.

The EU has also said it will support the development of 12 such plants throughout member states.



Discussion Thread  

aussepom wrote:

12 Dec 2008

When Are you going to listen, why can't you help me and other that are developing new technologies.

Brian Bayliss
Bayliss Controls
Research and Development
Wastewater Treatment 'Electrowaste'
Filtration 'Turbofiltration'
Alternative steam and power generation using the 'OZ Injector',

This is a back ground of the developments

The Wastewater treatment designed 2001 'Electrowaste' now up graded to include the 'Turbofiltration', and shortly to be added, its own power generation. The whole process will require no power from the grid. It will generate excess power if required for the grid.
It will use existing technology in the steam generation but the burners are replaced, with a 'unit known as the 'OZ Injector', they can be used in the standard boilers as well.
They will be able to be retrofitted to gas turbines, best type are with external combustion chambers.

The 'Turbofilter' used in the 'Electrowaste' is capable of nano filtration and theoretically desalination.

Wastewater treatment this concept has been proven, water from this is potable quality and safe to drink. The taste is of water with out the minerals, similar to demineralized water and is highly suited for boiler operation.
Raw sewage is treated and for every litre treated there is one litre of hydrogen gas that is able to be captured.
The technology could be used on other badly polluted water.

A full size prototype was made and tested up to 34 litres per sec, as with all prototypes there can be problems. These have been corrected with information from the testing in the new design.
The units use two pumps input and out put, both pumps are the same type, or three if used in tandem, there are no moving parts in the 'Turbofilter'.

Testing of the 'OZ Injector' unit will be done over the next few weeks, and if successful would
change every thing in the boiler industry, steam generation for power, and most importantly
the shipping industry. The main target here is the LM2500 gas turbine, or similar units, that is used for power generation and in the 'main drive propulsion' in these large ships
Fuel such as COAL, aviation fuel, NATURAL GAS would not be used, and there would be close to zero polluting emissions.

Brian Bayliss
Bayliss Controls
0142396140 61 397507320
Using the alternative email will clear the 'spam filter' that is set on brianbayliss@optusnet.com.au
Subject line on brianbayliss@optusnet.com.au MUST contain, OZ Injector, Electrowaste, or Turbofilter.

aussepom wrote:

13 Jul 2009

Hi The 'Oz Injector' is now no longer just a theory, tests this week have shown that

There is still some more development to be done, learning from the test some small modifications, before doing a re test

it is not much but you can see it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn9-ZK9y2Uk

Brian Bayliss
Bayliss Controls

Discussion Thread  


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