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The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

12 Mar 2010 09:03:01

EU 'outsourcing' emissions to emerging economies

EU 'outsourcing' emissions to emerging economies
Consumers of goods from emerging economies should take responsibility for emissions created in production and manufacturing, according to the authors of a new report.

The study from the Carnegie Institution of Science found that the EU was effectively "outsourcing" a third of its emissions to poorer countries, such as China and India.

In the case of Switzerland, there were more emissions outside of the country than in its borders as a result of its consumption of imported goods.

The USA was outsourcing around 11 percent of its total consumption-based emission.

Author Ken Caldeira said that these findings suggest that future international agreements have to recognise the impact of production and recalculate their carbon footprints.

He said: "Where CO2 emissions occur doesn't matter to the climate system. Effective policy must have global scope.

"To the extent that constraints on developing countries' emissions are the major impediment to effective international climate policy, allocating responsibility for some portion of these emissions to final consumers elsewhere may represent an opportunity for compromise."



Discussion Thread  

14 Mar 2010

"Outsourcing" - a new twist to a valid word for buying-in what you can't - or would rather not - make yourself. If you do tihs, then someone else takes the blame for the pollution. Neat !
It is effectively the same as getting someone to do your dirty-work for you, and those who buy the products must share the blame. The "cost" cannot be shared since the damage is irrepairable - save, maybe, by planting trees. I feel sure that if this were somehow packaged as a "carbon capture scheme", it would soon take-off.
It seems all too believable ? - or quite unbelievble ? - certainly by some - that things have escalated - "mushroomed" - to the limit within one human lifetime ? Of course there is my (late) mother's attitude of " Ah well, God is going to destroy it all soon with a huge comet" she never added "so let's eat drink, and be merry", (thankfully she wasn't that common, for what odds that makes !) And so we "party-on" only to discover - what ? - no comet ? - Oh dear - no food in the fridge and we just sold the housse and ate that !!
Nabiru might - or might not - pass-through, during in the next three years

Discussion Thread  


The Low Carbon Economy Ltd Community

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