The E.P. Systems Group, Inc. (EPSG) is a small economic and environmental planning and policy development/analysis firm that assembles tailored teams of experienced professionals for the conduct of applied research and technical assistance on developmental policy issues. Our focus is on the social processes, institutions and market mechanisms that shape the interaction of economic development and environmental protection and thus the outcomes of public sector environmental policies and interventions into private market processes.

We have decades of experience in local economic development planning, including manpower training, real estate redevelopment, utility and infrastructure planning and other technical assistance services. Beyond the Federal Government level, our domestic clients have ranged from central labor councils and community development corporations through private businesses and policy advocacy organizations to chambers of commerce and municipal, county and state economic development agencies.

We have assisted U.S. local development planners with federal programs from Model Cities through Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Community initiatives, including brownfield revitalization and other land-based strategic planning.

Overseas, we have supported agencies in EU Member States with economic development and environmental management strategies, and institutions in third world countries with planning implementation and addressing the tradeoffs in pursuit of environmentally sustainable economic development planning.