The EcoVillage gives Green and Ethical organisations a distinct area to exhibit to huge audiences at big events. The EcoVillage is highly visible and heavily promoted within each show or event. Being a part of The Eco Village has enabled our exhibitors to engage with a wide range of people, and educate them about their products and services - while also broadening people’s awareness of the importance of building a sustainable future together.

As you can imagine, this approach has been a big success for many of our exhibitors. An overwhelming majority of them come back every year to sign up to future events.

So what can you expect from exhibiting at The EcoVillage?
Well, while most of our clients just expect to hand out promotional material and connect with people, many of them are delighted by how easy it proves to make sales of both low- and high-ticket items.

But The EcoVillage is not just about creating a space for Green and Ethical companies to sell products and services while getting their message out there. We aim to give you as much support as possible throughout your experience with us. We pride ourselves on a very personal approach, ensuring that we have additional support mechanisms in place so there’s always someone for you to call at any stage to answer your questions. During the event we will be ever-present to assist with whatever you need, from putting up your marquee to introducing you to people that may be interested in your organisation.

One of the additional benefits The EcoVillage provides for you is the community it creates. It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded organisations; share experiences and potentially set up joint ventures.

The EcoVillage is a dedicated area for organisations promoting green products, services and initiatives and it is taken to existing events and exhibitions. The EcoVillage will be appearing next at the Kent County Show from 16th-18th July.