The Cardboard Man is an eco-furniture design studio based in Manchester, England. We work our craftsman’s hands and bend our minds to produce beautiful pieces of contemporary design from cardboard and other natural materials.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours, and piles of money, putting together your expensive Ikea bookcase or wardrobe with glue that’s not sticky and missing screws. Now you simply and quickly slot together a few pieces of lightweight, stylish, durable cardboard to produce inexpensive furniture.

Created by Gareth Swarte, a 20 year old Manchester based University student and entrepreneur, this soon to be released range of recycled cardboard bedside tables and bookcases is perfect for a new home or the modern, storage hungry, urban nomad.

For the weary frequent mover this finally means a piece of incredibly strong yet lightweight furniture that can easily be folded up and moved from house to house, or flat.

The recycled cardboard pieces are also designed to fit into the smaller homes faced by those who are new to the property ladder, or who run small businesses. The pieces slot into almost any space with its customisability and looks quite stunning wherever it is placed.

Both the cardboard flat pack bedside table and cardboard flat pack bookcase come fully disassembled and both take less than 2 minutes to slot together, no screws or glue required. What's more, by leaving a plain cardboard frame the pieces can be customised and styled to fit into any home or workplace.

Gareth Says: “After my last business I set out to create a product that challenged people's preconceptions of cardboard, to show them that it can be a strong and versatile material. I wanted to give people a real alternative to the high street options and go beyond simple furniture to give people a brand that embodies environmental consciousness, modern culture and quality design.”

Gareth and his partner Jasmine Sarwar, two Manchester based University students and entrepreneurs, received £6k funding and business support to set up the business from the Government’s Start-Up Loan programme, which is helping young people across the UK to set up their own businesses, as well as support from Rockstar Youth.

The firm has also been selected to display their innovative eco range at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham and have been entered into the Kevin’s Green Hero’s competition.