Teddington Solar are wholesale distributors of a specialist range of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products.

Our exciting range of products includes:
Solar tiles byIMERYS
Solar glass from SCHEUTEN
Single-ply solar membrane from IPS RUBBERFUSE
Thin film frameless panels from CALYXO
to name a few, all of which have been selected because of their unique characteristics and high performance.

We are happy to work with architects, property developers, construction companies, builders, roofers, MCS installers and individuals to ensure that the right system is selected for their property.

Whether the installation is for domestic retrofit, new build, commercial, industrial or open field solar farms we have products that are suitable and can make the finsihed installation look desirable.

Teddington Appliance Controls, was established in 1928, originally under the name of The British Thermostat Company, and has for many years been the leading bulk manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement and control devices in the UK.

The decision to move into the renewable energy market came as a result of the success of the Combi-save, an energy and water saving device which can be installed on combi boilers, as the company looks towards the next 75 years of business.