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NHS Lanarkshire: Saving energy as well as lives

The UK’s healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy, with electricity accounting for over 50% of a hospital’s energy cost according to the Carbon Trust, March 12. Hospitals are said to be among the biggest energy users in the UK as they are open 24 hours a day, they have unique and unpredictable demands. Managing consumption of electricty, gas and water, as well as reducing emissions is one of the reason why NHS Lanarkshire decided to implement TEAM’s Sigma Software to monitor and create targets for energy use.

NHS Lanarkshire operates across 72 sites, has approximately 12,000 staff and is responsible
for improving the health of 562,477 people living in North and South Lanarkshire.
With increasing pressure upon UK NHS services to reduce their energy costs and
carbon emissions increase energy efficiency, Marie Porteous, Head of Sustainability
& Environmental Management at NHS Lanarkshire explains why they chose to use
TEAM Sigma Software to help them meet their energy objectives.

Marie has used TEAM Sigma Software throughout her career in Energy and tells us
“Flexibility is the main advantage for us when it comes to using TEAM Sigma Software.
At NHS Lanarkshire we produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The flexibility
offered by TEAM Sigma Software allows me to not only find the specific data needed
for each individual report, but I can do it quickly. Due to the volume of reports we
produce it saves us so much time being able to export the exact data from TEAM Sigma
Software. We can take figures, charts and graphs and place them straight into reports
for submission. Earlier this year we used pie charts straight from Sigma for our Annual
Sustainability report. ”

Reliable and Accurate Reporting
Marie knows she can rely on the data in Sigma, she explains “I find I get a sense of
reassurance from using the software to create reports. The data is accurate and reliable. I
know I can guarantee there won’t be mistakes in the data used in reporting and analysis. For
example we export data from Sigma for our CRC report. The CRC league table position is
incredibly important for us in demonstrating our commitment and achievements in energy
efficiency as well as our reputation.”
Each of the reports which Marie’s team creates has its own specific format, and it is
critical that NHS Lanarkshire complies with National and NHS guidelines.

Contracts and Identifying Overcharges
Marie comments “Using TEAM Sigma Software saves us time with contract
renewals.” NHS Lanarkshire benefits from a National Procurement contract for gas and
electricity. With each supplier change data is Head of Sustainability &
Environmental Management Marie Porteous The Buchanan Centre, one of NHS
Lanarkshires 80 sites, opened in 2012 updated within TEAM Sigma Software.

It allows Marie to review final meter readings, meter readings from the new supplier and to
keep track of charges and credits. An example of this is an electricity overcharge
on a series of bills due to a supplier change totaling a recovery of £35,089 which
Marie spotted instantly using TEAM Sigma Software. “Reclaiming these charges from the supplier was so easy thanks to TEAM Sigma Software as I just sent an email containing the data and a screenshot of TEAM and was credited without any dispute.” explains Marie.
“Using TEAM Sigma Software reduces the amount of time spent on creating reports. A
task which historically took between 3-4 days now takes a matter of hours.”

Decision Making
Like many TEAM customers, Marie uses TEAM Sigma Software to analyse past energy
consumption and cost, but also to look to the future for creating targets, planning budgets
and activities. The software highlights best and worst performing sites, allowing Marie to identify key areas for improvement and investment. Marie explains how she uses the software for planning: “TEAM Sigma Software has proven to be a fantastic planning resource.

By reviewing the data, particularly site performance we can look at buildings which
require development and investment if we are to achieve our efficiency and carbon
management targets. We are able to assess which projects will provide the greatest, or
even the fastest payback. We can look at which sites might offer the largest reductions,
the software allows us to set KPIs based on the performance data. TEAM Sigma
Software has assisted us in making decisions where sites have benefitted from a boiler
replacement or small lighting project.”

Long term strategy
NHS Lanarkshire will continue to manage and measure with the help of TEAM Sigma
Software. Marie tells us “We are beginning to explore new ways of using TEAM Sigma Software and hope to develop our internal practises to get more from the Software. The software has always been used by the Sustainability and Environment department, and more recently access has been given to the Financial Team.
Finance use the data for forecasting and budgeting, creating financial reports for
internal monitoring of targets.”
Marie is one of a number of selected TEAM customers currently supporting us with
testing the eagerly anticipated TEAM Carbon Footprinting Module. NHS Lanarkshire plans to use existing data from their TEAM Monitoring and Targeting Software to analyse carbon management. This will allow NHS Lanarkshire to measure additional greenhouse gas emissions and work towards their voluntary target of a 15%
reduction in tCO2 by 2016.

NHS Lanarkshire’s
Energy Targets 2012
• 15% reduction in emissions
by 2015 (2% per year)
• 5% reduction in electricity
efficiency by 2015
• Carbon Management target
of 15% reduction by 2016
(voluntary target)

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