Talent2Trade is a new breed of non-partisan consultancy that develops programmes and associated resources, brokers relationships and delivers real world solutions for government, education and business through our demographic engagement with over 2,000,000 young people. Our core philosophy is driven by 'fairness and opportunity for all' raising awareness of the triple context - People, Planet & Profit. This approach helps make sense of the challenging issues facing young people now and in the future.

Within the UK, business leaders are being asked to recognise, highlight and nurture the talents of Britain’s young people. They, in turn, are being asked to develop and apply their talents in order to fulfil their aspirations and contribute to Britain’s future success in the global economy.

Talent2Trade is focused on developing commercial talent in young people. We work through every stage of development from idea to marketable product in partnership with our private and public sector affiliates. Our wider aims and objectives are to systematically benchmark routes that deliver social and economic regeneration through Enterprise, Education, skills, Innovation and the transference of knowledge that activates change and informs policy.