The world’s brightest tubular daylight device. As the world-renowned innovator of the modern tubular skylight, Solarspot® provides a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of natural daylight to both new and existing buildings, while at the same time, significantly reducing energy costs and consumption. And following constant investment and development, we still set the standard - with the most efficient system on the market. Only Solarspot uses RIR® dome technology to funnel light into the top of the tube as well as redirecting light that hits the dome from lower angles. This could mean twice as much light entering the top of the tube than on any other system. Using the most reflective tube material in the world, Vegalux® (99.7% reflective), no other system will deliver as much light. And even though some competitor systems boast figures of up to 98%, in a typical installation, this could mean that 30% of the light is lost, compared to around 6% in a Solarspot. A Solarspot is the most efficient way to move light through a pipe, and that’s why it’s the world’s leading tubular daylight device.