Green Energy Recovery Systems -
Swing Green develops and manufactures 100% passive waste heat recovery systems that are designed to capture energy waste created through the everyday use of water and HVACR systems and then channel that wasted heat energy back into the facility.

Along with the recycling of wasted energy, it automatically extends the life of equipment by increasing efficiency and decreasing workloads. Enhance the performance of any water heating system in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Save on monthly water heating costs and help meet government energy regulations by providing reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Green Building Technology
For mechanical engineers, plumbers, HVACR contractors, architects and builders, the benefits of implementing green products and realize their performance offer tremendous advantages for anyone specializing in energy conservation and wishing to increase profits. Give your clients an easy way to save on water heating costs every day and meet government energy regulations by providing practical environmental products that also offer
numerous Lifestyle benefits… wherever hot water is in demand.

The GreenFoX™ Drain Water Heat Recovery (GFX DWHR)
Capture the heat going down the drain and use it to preheat incoming cold water. Simply replacing a vertical section of the drain pipe it needs only gravity and running water for year round operation and continuous savings.

AirFoX™ and PoolFoX™ Air Conditioning Heat Recovery (ACHR)
Redirects superheat from air conditioners and refrigeration systems to heat water, other fluids, or your pool and spa; while at the same time lowering refrigerant temperatures, pressure and increase SEER rating.