STS Technology and its commercialization

STS is an innovative “fully grade separated” transport system. It consists of original track structure, infrastructure, loading and unloading terminals, electric systems, automated control systems, service depot, control centre and a specially designed rolling stock the FMI 50 “ECOFREIGHTER”. Due to its unique technical and economic characteristics the system may become logically the leader in the market of bulk commodities haulage.

The STS Board has identified and developed the initial commercialization opportunity specifically for the Australian mining industry and established the relationships needed to succeed.

The Australian mining industry is one of the largest in the world. But today export profits are reduced due to lack of adequate transportation infrastructure. Not only are profits and exports reduced through inadequate infrastructure, but many resource projects remain transport-limited or even stranded, simply “stuck in the ground” without adequate or economically feasible transport available.

The STS ECOFREIGHTER enables a solution that maximizes the advances in what are mature technologies, that are an integral part of the STS system.