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Sustainable Carbon

Fuel switching case study

Situated in Panorama, a city located in the state of São Paulo, the Pôr-do-Sol ceramic is a
small enterprise that produces red ceramic products, such as tiles and structural blocks.
For many years, Pôr-do-Sol used wood from the Cerrado biome as fuel for the kilns that
produce ceramic products. The Cerrado ecosystem is found mainly in the Central Plateau of Brazil covering approximately 24% of the national territory, or more than two million square kilometers. The use of this non-renewable fuel source contributed to the progressive increase in deforestation of Cerrado, unbalancing one of the most important ecosystems in the world that is home to creatues like the leopard, giant armadillo and giant anteater.

Pôr-do-Sol was one of the pioneers in ceasing the use of wood in the Cerrado biome,
switching to renewable biomass such as sawdust from reforestation wood residues and
sugar cane bagasse. The ceramic will generate thermal energy while promoting the
conservation of the Cerrado biome and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

The project began in October 2005 and the crediting period in January 2007. It is estimated that approximately 79,050 tons of CO2 equivalents will be reduced during a ten year crediting period.

• Commission based on production and overall performance is given to employees
• Tertiary benefits like health insurance and food staple are provided
• 106% accuracy in the generation of the carbon credits – more than was expected
• Thermocouples monitor heat curve and ensure products are fired at optimal temperatures, decreasing excessive burning of biomass and increasing product quality
• Social inclusion has increased dramatically since the last report, and women now account for 25% of the workforce (previously, only 1 of the 16 employees was female)

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