Good for Business, Good for the Planet

We're capitalizing on the environmental benefits of technology, and engaging with others to openly and transparently tackle sustainability challenges worldwide.

At Sun, we create technology so that more and more people can get connected, share, interact, and solve problems. And as participation grows, we're committed to building products that are dramatically smarter, safer, and more eco responsible — from product and packaging design to power usage to our global take-back and recycling programs.

Doing Our Part to Reduce Power Consumption - Greening Our World, One Datacenter at a Time

With a billion people participating online today, the network consumes more than 100 billion kilowatts of electricity and costs businesses around $7.2 billion in utility bills annually. And since the power consumption of datacenters doubled between 2000 and 2005, it's no surprise that 25 percent of an IT budget is consumed by energy costs alone. Some analysts say infrastructure power usage will soon cost more than the hardware itself.

So it's clear: what's good for the environment is imperative for business.

This axiom drives Sun's commitment to designing and delivering eco-friendly processors, systems, programs, and services that help businesses reduce their power consumption, environmental impact, and energy costs.