A World Leader in Handling Fluids

Sterling Fluid Systems (UK) Ltd is part of Sterling-SIHI, which employs more than 1,600 employees worldwide with a turnover of over £200 million.

Sterling have developed innovative technologies over the last 80 years to manufacture liquid pumps, vacuum pumps and engineered systems, for all segments of the process industry.

With over 10 manufacturing centres, 60 sales offices and more than 100 service centres around the world, Sterling Fluid Systems is strategically positioned to provide an extensive support network at a local level.

We reliably handle liquids and gases whilst saving you money

Sterling Fluid Systems are world leaders in the pumping of liquids and gases using liquid, vacuum and compressor pumps along with systems of the highest quality. We design and manufacture liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors and engineered systems for many applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power, water/waste water, food/beverage, plastic, steel, paper and machinery manufacturing industries.

Focused on Serving the Industry

Sterling provides unrivalled customer service by being industry focused. The industry segments are divided into 3 divisions, which are Chemical, Industrial and Energy/Environmental. Extensive application knowledge alongside respected and established product ranges ensures confidence in portfolio throughout a wide range of markets and manufacturing processes. Sterling SIHI provides the highest level of customer commitment for all of our industrial pumps and systems.

Our Brands


Produce side channel, centrifugal and multi-stage pumps as well as dry and liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems for the process and all other industry sectors


Manufacture condensate, boiler feed and cooling water pumps for power generation as well as special mixers for sewage plants


Provide pumps for the chemical industry where there is a requirement for special materials and/or self priming applications.


With more than 100 service support centres established worldwide, we guarantee exceptional and prompt service from your local support network.

Local Service Network - supported globally

Sterling Fluid Systems recognises the need to provide the highest level of care and support for all its products and systems.
SIHI Service Centres are established worldwide ensuring that the very best support is always within close proximity.

Quality Assurance

Total Quality Assurance is offered throughout the group with standards approved to ISO 9000. Formal directives are also issued in-line with the European Community ‘CE’ requirements. All the manufacturing facilities around the world comply with the required quality standards of the region as well as the necessary health and safety requirements.


In this increasingly competitive world, we have the ability to provide new innovative designs that are both cost effective and highly reliable. The utilisation of the most sophisticated Computer Aided Design packages ensures that the optimum mechanical and hydraulic performances are achieved.


Our global Manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide operate as individual units but all form part of an integrated manufacturing operation. These centres of engineering excellence design, manufacture and develop products, systems and technologies utilising the most modern DNC processes.

Working in Partnership

Our understanding of your application and process requirements enables us to provide a cost effective solution that is right for your business.