Spiralite developers, manufacturues, supplies and installs pre-insulated non-metal circular and flat oval ductwork and factory cut and weatherproofed insulation for flat and round pipework and ductwork. The unique products offer many benefits over traditional steel ducting and mineral fibre lagging, including lightness, strength, speed and ease of installation, thermal properties, with many environmental and energy efficiency benefits, both on installation and in the subsequent operation of the HVAC system.

On installation the carbon footprint of the ducting system is significantly reduced due to a number of factors, including the lower embodied energy in the product, virtually zero waste on site, easier and quicker to transport and deliver, zero ODP, low GWP, fully recyclablility, etc, allowing maximum BREEAM points to be earned. On the subsequent operation of the HVAC system, enegy savings of up to 48% can be generated due to the airflow efficiencies of the system, its airtightness, the optimal thermal properties of the insulation, the full cover of the insulation with a built in vapour seal and the internal connecting system that allows no thermal bridge.