Our company supplies and installs rain water harvesting systems to homes and businesses. Our mission is to provide water management systems that best suit your requirements and use reputable suppliers to ensure standards of quality.
Consultations are free in the South of England and the most effective method to determine an appropriate action plan.
Businesses in the UK can benefit from a tax saving when purchasing rain water harvesting systems as they fall under the 'water technology list'. Due to increasing energy bills and the need to convert to carbon reduction products this saving can make a huge impact on decreasing initial capital investment and save month on month with cheaper water bills.

At South Downs Eco Installations we undertake the whole project. Starting with:
Discussing your water needs and financial budget during your consultation
Measurements and calculations that will help determine systems suited to your needs
Installing the system underground or overground, and
Connection to your existing water mains.

We understand that all projects undertaken are unique and that is why our mission is to eliminate uncertainty to you, so that you are aware of exactly what you are purchasing and how you can benefit.