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It makes sense to invest into a clean energy supply that arrives freely on our planet.

The 'Sun' beams down on to earth more energy than we can ever possibly use, the technology to harness this energy is now commercially available to anyone who wishes to invest into their own energy supply.

With huge environmental issues and soaring energy prices in the U.K. more and more people are learning the benefits of installing a Solar Powered System to create their own energy directly from the Sun. It is now possible to generate all your energy needs from renewable energy sources. (Just What Is Renewable Energy)

Collecting solar energy seems ridiculous when we look up and see the all too familiar cloudy skies of Britain. Even on the cloudiest days we still get energy from indirect sunlight.

Solar power technology has quickly grown from a scientific laboratory curiosity, to a widely used form of energy in specialized applications over the last twenty years. At last solar power is not just running satellites, it has been brought down to earth just in time it seems to help solve our enormous environment problems.

The use of solar energy to supplement and eventually replace fossil fuels is a task facing our children's children, but we can show them that we did care enough to begin the process in the 21st Century. Our web-site shows just some, of what is possible, with products ranging from solar powered garden features to full scale solar systems.

The SolarShop, is a leading supplier of Solar Powered Products. Using 15 years experience, we offer a range of practical, well designed Solar Products.
With our network of associates throughout the UK we can offer a first class installation service for Solar Electric (grid or remote connections) and Solar Water Heating.

It makes sense to invest into a clean energy supply with no waste products, and arrives freely on our planet.