Solar Supplies U.K. Ltd. is the sole European distributor for the Consol Range of Solar Water Heaters.

Consol have been making Solar Water Heating systems for many years, and are considered one of the most advanced in their field.

Solar Supplies is dedicated to bringing Low Cost Solar power to a growing market. Supplying solar hot water systems to people who are realising the benefits of Free hot water.

Many systems available have a large initial outlay, thus making the payback time too great to be of benefit. This is often because of the number of people handling the goods before the end user.

With Solar Supplies systems, we are supplying direct from the manufacturer and are therefore able to give what is believed to be the lowest prices available in the U.K.

Our Evacuated Tube collectors, which have been proven to give good results in Northern Europe, are less expensive than many flat plate collectors.

We are also dedicated in making Solar Hot Water systems available to the D.I.Y market.

There are no secrets as to how the systems work, and the average person is able to do most, if not all of the installation themselves.

For those who would prefer it our own team of dedicated installers charge one of the lowest prices available.

Solar Supplies will continue to experiment and to add to the already extensive range of systems, in the hope that the U.K. can achieve what is already being enjoyed by much of Europe.