Solar Power Intl. Ltd. was established back in 2003 when most of our work took place in the sunniest parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Now thanks to the feed-in tariff we see an exciting future for solar PV panel installations in the UK. An investment in solar energy has become not only an environmentally viable option but an exciting financial investment as well.

Based at the Dorset PV Centre in Middlemarsh near Dorchester, we are the source for solar PV panels in the South West. Responsible for over 200 kilowatt peaks worth of solar panel installations in the UK alone, our wealth of experience installing PV panels both abroad and at home allows us to provide our customers with solar PV solutions at exceptionally high efficiencies. As an MCS accredited company we are dedicated to providing our customers a high quality solar panel installation service. Our experienced PV installers and engineers will ensure that all our installations maintain high performance and offer the maximum returns to our customers.